Cambered Back

Westside Barbell
Wed Sep 18, 2019

Dynamic Lower

Safety Squat Bar Box Squat 5x5@50% 1RM
-front bands
-box set to competition depth

Bully Cambered Bar Good Morning 5x5
-each set is a good burn (1-2 left in the tank)
-toes elevated (helps to activate more hamstring)

Inverse Curl 3x10
-GHD if no Inverse Curl

Sled Pull x6 Trips
-holding 30-50lb med ball low on hips
-1 trip = 60m down AND back
-90% recovery after each trip

Reverse Hyper 3x50@25% 1RM Back Squat
-glute emphasis

Standing Banded Abs 4x15