Bow to the Box

Westside Barbell
Sun Mar 03, 2019

Max Effort Lower

1️⃣Bow Bar Box Squat 1RM
-3 chains (each side)
-parallel box
-keep elbows down
-lats tight

2️⃣ATP Hatfield Squat 3x4
-holding pole/band/bar secured at chest level
-2 foot widths wider than raw squat stance

3️⃣Inverse Curl 3x6
-keep glutes tight
-hips forward
-GHD is alternative

4️⃣Reverse Hyper 3x50@55%
-% is based off the 1RM done today
-hamstring/glute emphasis

5️⃣Seated Banded Hamstring Curl 4x70
-heels together
-toes out