Banded Home Workout - For Your Joints

Westside Barbell
Fri Mar 20, 2020

Workout Brief

The aim of this quick workout is to put force into our joints to keep whatever range of motion you have healthy. The body uses force inputs as means of testing capacity and if you don't test it you will lose it.

The Workout 




Facepulls 2 50
Tricep Extensions 2 50
Shoulder Activation Forward to Backward Rolls 4 10
Trunk Rotations 4 25
Partial Good Mornings 4 25
Wide Hamstring Curls 4 25
Glute Kick Backs 4 25
Abductor Lift 4 25
Adductor Lift 4 25
Ankle Rotation 4 25
Hip Lift 4 25
Hip Extension






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