At Home Baseball S&C

At Home Baseball S&C

    When at home with only the basics, it is more than possible to continue to grow and improve at one’s chosen sport. In this case, we’ll take a look into America’s past time baseball, and ideas for how athletes with minor equipment can stay on pace for the season.


     Always begin lower emphasis training with weighted box jumps. At Westside for athletes and lifters alike, we emphasize 40 box jumps 2x a week (80 total). On max effort (or when at home higher intensity, lower volume days) aim to work up into a max height holding an object. When it comes to dynamic effort (lower intensity yet higher volume) perform schemes of 10x4/8x5 holding an object to a challenging but consistently achievable height. For explosive strength on dynamic days, we tend to center around a height of 30”.

*depth jumps are only performed once the individual can effectively squat 2x bodyweight and is not a novice in the weight room


    With no barbells or equipment, focus on sled pulling in different degrees to compliment athletic positions. For example, catchers need more thigh work than outfielders and can benefit greatly with reverse sled drags. Conversely, for outfielders and base running, lateral sled shuffles and power walking is more advisable towards their performance. Upper/total body work can include a mixture of sled pull throughs, straight arm strap holding truck rotations, reverse flyes (in I, Y, T positions), shoulder press, chest press, and overhead tricep extensions.

*remember, any of these moves can be used for a 1 trip max effort, or multiple trip usage to strengthen weak points

*keep tension in straps

*a sled can be made by running a rope/small chain through a a vehicle’s spare tire, then filling the tire with rocks/bricks


    After sled work, band work is included to sure up the tendons and ligaments. Beneath is a non-exhaustive list;

  • tricep press down
  • tricep overhead extension
  • face pull
  • upright row
  • front raise
  • lateral raise
  • tear(pull apart)
  • chest press
  • shoulder press
  • straight arm pulldown
  • high row
  • low row
  • pulldown
  • good morning
  • seated leg curl
  • lying leg curl
  • seated abduction
  • seated adduction
  • ankle/knee banded walk

*pick 3-5 of the above (or self imagined) variations for each session and perform for 3-5 sets

*all band work is performed to minimum rep count of 30 reps per set (we center around 40-50)

*the above moves can be performed bi or unilaterally


    Lastly, every session finishes with abs/core work. At Westside we emphasize lower abs and obliques, as these directly compliment the security of the lower back. However, while these are important, baseball in particular involves rotational force. When doing rotational abs it is important to note, one must perform and dictate intensity by the weaker side order to keep the body from developing imbalances.



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