Arm Mass Rotation

Westside Barbell
Fri Sep 06, 2019

-Bench Press Auxiliaries-
In week 2 of this tricep auxiliary progression... The Straight Bar is traded out for the Football Bar, while an extra set and rep are added to avoid accommodation.

DB Williams Extensions are replaced with a cable pushdown. This is due to the increase of the JM press free weight volume.

Banded Pushdowns are rotated out for Banded Tomahawk Extensions, and sets/reps discarded for a self dictated deep burn to push blood into the tendons from a different direction.

Main Lift

Repetition Method

Football Bar JM Press 4x5
-1sec/competition pause at bottom of ROM
-at bottom of ROM, elbow is at 90º
-using shoulder width grip on bar

Lat Bar Tricep Pushdown 3x10
-grip outside shoulder width in order to more greatly target the long head of the triceps
-as the bar is pressed down, actively think about simultaneously 'spreading' or 'ripping' the bar

Banded Tricep Tomahawk Extension x300 total
-40-70 reps each set
-deep burn +3-5 reps
-position like throwing a hatchet