Westside Barbell
Thu Sep 05, 2019

Max Effort Lower
Pin #3 Conventional Rack Pull 1RM
-against quadded monster minis
-go as long as possible without a belt(while maintaining good position)

Giant Cambered Bar Good Morning 1x5
-work up to a locked in/strict 5 rep
-emphasize the ‘brace’
-perform 5 rep sets all the way up(to accumulate volume/time under tension)
-keep shins perpendicular to floor

Reverse Hyper 4x30@40% Back Squat
-reps 1-10 = low erectors
-reps 11-20 = glutes
-reps 21-30 = hamstrings

Sled Pull x4 Trips
-bands around ankle and knees
-90% recovery after each trip
-1 Trip = 60m down AND back
-tight glutes
-keep tension in the bands