A Cruel Twist

Westside Barbell
Wed Jan 02, 2019

Ascending Giant Set:

1️⃣Incline DB Bench x15
~30° incline

2️⃣Flat Bench DB Flye x20

3️⃣Plate Raise x25
-hip to eye level
-hands at 10&2

4️⃣Flat Bench DB Williams Ext. x30
-keep elbows flared throughout

5️⃣Tricep Rope Cable Pressdown x35
-pulling rope heads apart at bottom

6️⃣Overhead Banded Tricep Ext. x350
-40-70 at a time
-band attached at hip height

Ascending Giant Sets go as follows:
1st set is just 1️⃣
Rest to 90%
2nd set is just 1️⃣&2️⃣
Rest to 90%
3rd set is just 1️⃣, 2️⃣, &3️⃣
Rest to 90%