This Ole' Bar: MARRS Bar

Westside Barbell
Fri Jun 19, 2020

    A relatively new bar to the Westside Barbell arsenal, the MARRS bar is a welcome one. Once Louie discovered this bar, he was sold. For years he has been unable to lift for various reasons. However with this bar, he is able to perform good mornings whether they be heavy or light. The placement of the bar reduces the axial load on the neck and back which in turn will reduce the wear and tear on the spine, shoulders, hips and knees. This being said, the bar is not just for those who are battling injury. Louie will routinely have the lifters perform high to ultra high rep good mornings (from 50 to 150 reps per set). Beneath are some ways we use this unique bar to increase absolute strength and endurance:


  1. Max Effort Good Mornings - With the load being placed lower than a normal bar, the lifter is able to tolerate a super maximal load, well beyond a normal bar.
  2. Max Effort Box Squats - This bar gives a unique sense of balance (crucial to avoiding adaptation to the CNS)
  3. Conditioning - As this bar is easily secured without the use of the arms, we have our athletes run it around the 1/4mi building.

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