Sumo Session

Westside Barbell
Sat Apr 06, 2019

Max Effort Lower

1️⃣Sumo Deadlift 1RM
-against monster minis
-sumo or conventional (whichever is weakest)

2️⃣Deadlift 1xMax Reps at 60%
-% or 1RM just done
-against monster minis
-sumo or conventional (opposite stance of what was done for the 1RM)

3️⃣45° Back Extension 3x8
-1sec pause at bottom AND at top
-giant cambered bar

4️⃣Bent Pendulum Reverse Hypers 4x30
-low back emphasis
-weight which is challenging at by 20

5️⃣Weighted Static Abs 3xGood Burn(20-30sec)
-DB held high on clavicle and chin
-on a decline bench, hold the crunch at the mid point of the ROM