Westside Barbell
Thu Jun 13, 2019

Being a 'Bench Specialist' is more than just benching, it means training the whole body (yes legs too) to generate force from the floor and translating it into the barbell. Here is a look into what the Bench Specialists who train at Westside do for a GPP whole body session to construct the base needed.

Reverse Sled Pull Squat 3x25
-facing the sled(quad emphasis)
-keeping tension in the strap at all times, the lifter performs a squat all the while imagining pushing the upper back into the pad
-the positive should be explosive
-the pressure on the pad of the foot should be near similar to the pressure when set on the bench
-the sled won't go far

Weighted Push-up 4x50
-close or wide grip depending on the lifter(s) weaknesses
-should have 5-6 more in the tank each set(not fail)
-if 50 reps cannot be achieved, place hands on a bench or raised surface

Reverse Pec Dec Static Hold 5x30sec (palms down, shoulder blade emphasis)
Banded Decline Chest Press x60 (bands attached high on power rack, and crossing hands at bottom ROM)