Westside Barbell
Fri May 03, 2019

NFL GPP work for Skill Positions

1️⃣Sled Work x6 Trips
-1min rest after each trip
-1 trip = 50yd down AND back(100 yds total)
-back pedal for DB/K/P
-drop back for QB/LB
-pull for WR/RB/TE

2️⃣ATP Switch Feet 3x30, 2x50, 2x70(each foot)
-in the ATP ballistically switch feet from front to back in a scissor motion
-keep arm drive in play
-band ONLY on carriage

3️⃣Dual Band Alternating Speed Row 10x15sec
-athlete is in their pre snap stance
-bands attached to rack, one in each hand
-for 15sec, perform alternating rows AS FAST AS POSSIBLE
-keep the obliques tight to resist the torque

4️⃣Standing Banded Obliques 3x15(each side)