Westside Powerlifting Morning Crew-Max Effort Upper Body Workout September 28th

Tom Barry
Wed Sep 28, 2016

Powerlifting Crew Workout

Main Lift

  • Bench against light bands to a 2 board for a max. Then work up to a 3 board max after 2 board max has been achieved.

Accessory Exercises 

  • Heavy Dumbbells 3 sets of 10 Reps 

  • Dirty Thirtys 3 Sets

  • Bamboo Bar Shoulder press 4 sets of 25 reps 

  • 300 Mini Band Tricep Extensions 

  • Light Reverse Hypers and Abs

Fight Crew Workout 

Med Ball Throw Warm Up

Main Lift

1 Rep Max Football Bar followed by 1 Drop set for a 3 rep max and 1 Drop Set for 6 rep max

Accessory Exercises 

  • 3 sets of 3 minute Dumbbell Iso presses

  • 4 sets of 25 reps of Bamboo Bar (Changing grips each set)

  • 4 sets of 25 reps Shoulder presses with Bamboo bar

  • 3 sets of 10 Single Arm Dumbbell Rows

  • Upper Body Reactive Med Ball Drills 

(No Conditioning Necessary as SPP work will be done later)