Dynamic Effort Upper Week 28 Day 4

Louie Simmons
Mon Jul 09, 2018

Dynamic Effort Upper Week 29 Day 4

Warm up

Band push downs 

Band pull aparts  

Do a few reps with the bar to get familiar with it, do a few warm up sets until you are ready to do your working sets

The Lift - Camber bar with bands 

Week one will be 55% bar weight and 25% band resistance at the top

As the max effort exercise remember to keep a tight back and push with the triceps first.

Perform 9 sets of 3 reps

Use 3 different grips. Do 3 sets with the index finger on the smooth part of the bar, move your hand out 2 inches and preform 3 more sets, for the last set your little finger should be on the power ring. 


Close grip bench 5x5

Flat DB flys 3x20

Reverse flys 3x20

Sled ext and curls 6x50m