Don't Be Afraid to Fail

Louie Simmons
Wed Mar 01, 2017

-I broke my back twice
-I have tore off both biceps
-I ripped off my patella tendon
-I have been emergency trachea'd twice
-Emergency chest tubed once
-I've been clinically dead once
-I've broke both hands and all my fingers
-I've broke my foot twice
-I've tore holes in my abdomen wall
-Nearly all my disks in my neck are fused and/or pressing in on the spinal cord
-My hands and arms are nearly always numb
-I can't sleep for more than an hour straight at any given time
-Trust me when I say, The List Goes On.

I've trained the Wrong Way for years and my body has paid the price so YOURS does not have to. I have spent my LIFE learning and applying science to practical settings in order to get Better, Stronger and Smarter. I still train everyday. I still read everyday. I still have goals. I know who I am.


Athletes keep evolving and human performance is ever progressing and I intend for Westside Barbell to be on the fringe of it.