Ally Kennedy’s Journey with Westside Barbell: Training for the 2024 Season

Ally Kennedy’s Journey with Westside Barbell: Training for the 2024 Season
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When Ally Kennedy joined Westside Barbell, she already had a strong foundation from her previous training. This solid base has helped her make steady and impressive improvements over the past few weeks. Ally’s story shows how consistency and a good strength and conditioning (S&C) program can make a big difference.

About Ally Kennedy

Ally Kennedy is not only a top-tier professional lacrosse player but also an assistant coach for the Ohio State women’s lacrosse program, where she coaches the Buckeye offense. Ally brings extensive playing experience and knowledge to the team.

Her outstanding collegiate career at Stony Brook University set her apart as a four-time All-American and the 2021 IWLCA Midfielder of the Year. During her time at Stony Brook, she helped the team reach the NCAA quarterfinals each season, ending her career second all-time in goals (266) and fourth in points (329). She also excelled in ground balls and caused turnovers, ranking second and ninth respectively.

After college, Ally was the second overall pick in the inaugural Athletes Unlimited college draft, finishing her first professional season 16th overall in points and tied for eighth in goals. She continued to shine in the 2022 season, ranking fifth in assists and second in draw controls.

Ally's international experience includes winning gold with Team USA at the 2022 World Lacrosse Women’s World Championship, where she played in all eight games and scored 11 goals.

Starting Strong at Westside Barbell

Ally's journey at Westside began with a thorough assessment of her current fitness level, which we define as overall maximal strength, endurance, joint health, range of motion and capacity, and cardiovascular endurance. For this, we teamed up with Dr. Shawn Bailey and his staff at the Armory, who are our team's physicians and exercise physiologists, to ensure we leave no stone unturned.

What many might not know is that Westside Barbell doesn't charge any athletes to train at our facility. Instead, we sponsor them by providing training, support, and unlimited access to our team doctor and therapists. In return, we get to write about their training journey, show you videos and photos of their training, and most importantly, be honest and upfront with them as both our success are dependent on each other. This system is based on what Louie Simmons did with his athletes, and we are carrying this forward with all our in-house athletes.

Additionally, each athlete gets their own affiliate code, allowing them to earn revenue from the articles we write, as well as posts and stories we share about them. This unique approach not only helps support our athletes financially but also helps promote their personal brand. It's one of the reasons we only work with a select few athletes, even though we have hundreds of athletes applying to train here.

Big Improvements in Four Weeks

In just four weeks, Ally’s progress has been amazing:

  • Increased Strength: Ally’s overall strength has gone up by 10%. This means she can lift much more weight now than when she started.
  • Better Endurance: Her ability to lift heavy weights again and again has improved by 22%. This shows her muscles are getting stronger and she can keep going longer.
  • More Training Capacity: Ally is now lifting twice the amount of weight in each session while still keeping good form and recovering well. Her training volume has increased by 50%.

The Westside Approach

At Westside, we use the Conjugate Method, which mixes different types of workouts to get the best results. For Ally, we included exercises like squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and accessory movements such as sled drags and plyometrics. These exercises help strengthen all the major muscles in her body. We also used conditioning drills and made sure she had enough recovery time. This balanced approach helped her get stronger and more fit without getting hurt.

We believe the Conjugate Method is the superior way to train professional athletes because it provides the flexibility and adaptability needed to adjust to each athlete’s unique needs. The method allows for continuous progress by varying exercises and intensities, preventing plateaus and overtraining. The more athletic the person, the quicker the results show, as the method capitalizes on their existing strengths and rapidly enhances their performance.

Additionally, the Conjugate Method allows for creativity in training, making it a superior option for coaches who have a creative personality and athletes who crave variety. It helps avoid the boring, mundane linear training approaches that can lead to burnout and stagnation. This dynamic approach keeps athletes engaged, motivated, and excited about their training.

Ally’s Thoughts

Ally’s hard work is clear in her progress. She said, "So far, training at Westside has helped me realize my capabilities are much more than I could have ever imagined. While constantly pushing myself through physical and mental barriers, I’ve tapped into a level of training I have never put myself through before. My training at Westside has me feeling the most prepared I’ve ever been for my upcoming professional season."

Inspiring Female Athletes

Ally Kennedy’s journey is a great example for female lacrosse players and athletes in general. Her story shows how important it is to have a good training foundation and a solid S&C program. At Westside, we believe in helping athletes reach their full potential with the right tools and support.

Female athletes, like their male counterparts, need to lift weights and train rigorously. At Westside Barbell, we apply the same principles of strength and conditioning to both male and female athletes. The only adjustments we make are based on individual strength levels and specific athletic needs. This approach ensures that every athlete receives a customized training plan that maximizes their performance.

Ally’s success demonstrates the effectiveness of this training philosophy. By focusing on her unique strengths and needs, we’ve been able to help her achieve significant gains in strength, endurance, and overall athleticism. Her progress is a testament to the fact that female athletes can, and should, train just as intensely and effectively as male athletes.

We encourage all female athletes to embrace strength training and conditioning as a vital part of their athletic development. With dedication, the right guidance, and the Conjugate Method, the possibilities for improvement and success are endless.

A Message to Aspiring Athletes

For young female athletes, Ally’s progress shows what you can achieve with dedication and the right training plan. At Westside, we believe building a strong foundation is key to long-term success in any sport. Here are some important tips to help you on your journey:

  • Start with Basic Strength Training: Focus on getting strong overall. A solid base of strength will support all parts of your athletic performance and help prevent injuries.
  • Learn Proper Technique Before Lifting Heavy: It’s important to learn the correct way to lift weights before trying to lift heavy. Good form keeps you safe and helps you improve steadily.
  • Increase Training Slowly: Add more training gradually. This helps your body get used to the demands of strength training and prevents overtraining and injuries.
  • Keep Your Joints Healthy: Joint health is very important. Check your joints regularly and fix any problems to stay flexible and prevent injuries.
  • Enjoy Setting and Achieving Goals: Have fun with setting goals and reaching them. Seeing your progress is one of the best parts of training. Celebrate your achievements and stay motivated by focusing on the positive changes you’re making.

Join Ally’s Journey

We are excited to see Ally’s continued progress and how it will help her in the 2024 season. Follow Ally’s journey and learn more about our training methods by staying tuned to our updates. At Westside, we are committed to helping athletes do their best through education, support, and using the Conjugate Method.


Ally Kennedy’s story is one of growth, strength, and hard work. Her time at Westside Barbell shows that with a strong foundation and being consistent, you can make big improvements quickly. We look forward to seeing her succeed in the upcoming season and continue to inspire female athletes everywhere.


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