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Westside Barbell is an invitation only training laboratory where only the strongest of mind and body survive. Our goal is simple. To become the best and push every boundary known to man in doing so.

The lineage and achievements of all Westside Barbell athletes who have walked through our chalky doors is of legends. Our gym has broke over 140 world records, won olympic gold, heavyweight world championships, to name but a few of our achievements.

This gym not for the timid nor is it for those seeking fame. You must earn your membership through blood, sweat and other peoples tears. Your are held accountable for every word that you say and at any time you must be willing to back it up verbally or physically.

Why do we do this? So you don't have to.

Our education is based on theoretical research and is backed by practical application. We only write about what works, not what might work or what doesn't work. We believe that training information should filter down from the athletes at the the top rather than spew out from the keyboard hero's at the bottom.





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  • Thanks to all of you who have created this gym and these methods. I live in a rather secluded area and without the info I have learned from your articles and all the podcasts I would still be walking in circles. I have done my best to create my own reverse hyper with my power rack but I would much rather buy one when I can save the money. I am past my prime for strength but I am a long way from giving up. I have lived through 3 blood clots with PEs and I attribute my recovery to powerlifting and your methods. Thank you, Warren Stout.

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