WSBB eBooks - Strength Manual For Throwers
WSBB eBooks - Strength Manual For Throwers

WSBB eBooks - Strength Manual For Throwers

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For as long as he can recall, Louie has held a passion for absolute strength and power. Over the last several decades, he has worked with multiple Olympic sport athletes.

Amongst these, one emerged as his top passion project, throwers. The shot-put and discus date back to ancient Greek competition, and combine both power and skill to effectively execute. This latest book authored by Louie outlines the methods he employs which allow such athletes to progress continually.

This Read Includes Specific Explanations of:


-Division of Training


-Max Effort

-Dynamic Effort

-Repeated Effort

-Jumping for Explosive Strength


A Forward by the Author

.   "It is my goal to convince both the coach and the athlete that the Westside System can make it possible to combine strength and power training all year long—not just in the offseason—by integrating all training efforts together.

    This means the athlete must continue to weight train and perform explosive power training during his or her competition period.

    It is common to train in blocks for hypertrophy, power, and then strength before the competition period, but then drop all of the blocks with the exception of the events. But, would you do this knowing that a top athlete will lose 10 percent of his or her muscle, power, and strength after 14 to 21 days? It can be said that the same holds true as well for technical skills. Unfortunately, many coaches have the thrower weight and power train with no throws, then start a cycle of throws and zero weight training.

    The feedback I have received from the throwers I work with shows that they realize this does not work optimally. The good news is that all training can coincide to receive the greatest training effects. Many times a weak muscle group can cause a flaw in technical skills—meaning the throw—and muscle work should not be put aside for long periods of time."

Stay Strong,

-Louie Simmons

Customer Reviews

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Kenneth Vickers (bigvick8394)
E Book

Thank You it was very informative

Stephen Montague
Strength manual for throwing

Great information inside and really helpful all round happy with the product and as always really good ordering from the site

Jeremy Lewis
The best throwing book in the game

This book it’s literally one of Louie best, thrower or not

Rolando Acevedo
Strength Manual For Throwers

outstanding As usual Westside is years light ahead from the rest

Thrower's manual.

Westside 4 athletes. Lot of useful info as usual. I like the conjugate method for sports,much more like "just" for lifting.