WSBB eBooks - Explosive Strength Development For Jumping
WSBB eBooks - Explosive Strength Development For Jumping

WSBB eBooks - Explosive Strength Development For Jumping

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This is the latest book written by Louie Simmons. It contains 280 pages of the most up to date knowledge on how to implement the Westside Barbell system of training to increase athletic performance. The content within the book is packed full of athletic exercise Illustration's and it covers such topics as:

-Special Exercises
-Sled Pulling
-Belt Squat
-Hamstring Development
-Strength Development
-Developing Dynamic Strength
-Medicine Ball Training
-General Physical Preparedness
-Jumping Volume and Exercises

"Training must and can be blended together throughout the entire year, providing one implement's the Westside System and uses a delayed transformation phase for important events.
The Westside System can increase endurance, power, strength, and technique at the same time. It uses special exercises to perfect technique while cutting down sprint times and increasing jumping ability.

This training can and is performed without the epidemic of injuries, unlike Linear or Block Periodization. Within my Explosive Strength Development for Jumping I hope to clearly show with the aid of illustrations on how to reach your full athletic potential."

Louie Simmons

This book was printed in the U.S.A.



  • Cover: Online
  • Pages: 275
  • Level of Difficulty: Challenging, Great for learning how the Westside system is superior and what makes it work for sprinters and jumpers alike.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Rob Schwartz

WSBB eBooks - Explosive Strength Development For Jumping

Josh M
Explosive Strength Development for Jumping

I have been a big fan of Louie Simmons for many years.
This book did not disappoint.

I must say in all books I have read by Louie there is always recycled information - but you need to take into account that that is him being so passionate about his belief in his own Conjugate System.

The information is easy to understand and not over the top with some science lingo which I have found in other books.
I use a highlighter on key points from each chapter and those points are quite simple yet very effective as pointed out in studies or mathematical detail.

The exercises are a good reference as well - I give many of these to my 7 year old who trains for BMX Racing

If I was patient I would have bought the hard copy but got the PDF and printed into a binder folder

5 star review

Andrija Mirkovic

WSBB eBooks - Explosive Strength Development For Jumping

Connor Barth
I loved this book!

I have been a vertical jump coach for a few years now. Funny enough I just recently came across all of Westside information and have been reading into more and more! This book was awesome. The logic used is things I’ve seen with my clients and I highly recommend anyone trying to learn more picking it up.

Frederick Meyer

Did you charge me for the E-Book
You gave me a code to use for the E-book and it was supposed to be FREE