Forging the Future: Westside Barbell 2024

Forging the Future: Westside Barbell 2024
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As we transition to a new chapter, our commitment to cultivating elite athleticism, community engagement, and fostering a culture of relentless improvement remains steadfast. This update outlines our journey from our traditional 497 location to the innovative 707 space, marking a significant milestone in the Westside Barbell legacy.

Transition to New Location: Westside Barbell's Next Chapter

In alignment with Louie's strategic plan, Westside Barbell has initiated the relocation process from its current location at 497 to the new 707 facility. This transition, though challenging, adheres strictly to the set timeline. Our team is currently navigating this significant change.

The impetus behind this move is Louie's vision of showcasing our training methodologies in a fresh environment. This shift aligns with the enduring principles of culture and the conjugate system established by Louie and previous Westside Barbell members. I extend my gratitude to everyone for their dedication and assure that Westside Barbell's legacy is secure.

Core Principles and New Directions

Our ethos, anchored in 'Culture and Consistency,' remains unchanged. We continue to employ the proven formula passed down by Louie, now applied to a diverse group of athletes including grapplers, wrestlers, MMA fighters, and other athletes from different disciplines. The focus will be on intensifying content around our methods, training techniques, coaching cues, and cultural practices.

Transparency in our operations is a priority. We aim to provide a clear view of our processes, reflecting the dedication and commitment that underpin our success.

Inclusivity and Membership Philosophy

Westside Barbell maintains an open invitation to athletes interested in joining our community. We uphold a unique membership model where training is provided without monetary compensation. Instead, membership is earned through dedication, consistency, representation, and results. It's not just the physically strongest who join; we value strength of character foremost.

Members will be rewarded with exclusive gym shirts, symbolizing their achievements and milestones in their respective sports. These shirts, not available for purchase, represent the accomplishment of specific goals and sport-specific achievements.

Westside Barbell Headquarters: A Glimpse into History

The headquarters will house essential elements of the gym, including:

  • The Board
  • The Deadlift Platform
  • The iconic yellow 100lb plates
  • The Deadroom
  • All Westside Barbell equipment

a picture of the board at Westside Barbell HQ

Additionally, visitors will have the opportunity to view unique memorabilia from Louie's private collection, featuring items like his first squat briefs made from pillowcases and his initial pair of lifting shoes.

We welcome visitors to explore and discuss all aspects of Westside Barbell. Visits can be scheduled during designated walk-in times or arranged in advance. These times will be announced in the upcoming months. 

Solidifying the Westside Barbell Philosophy

As Westside Barbell embraces its new chapter at the 707 address, our commitment to cultivating superior athletic strength training and a culture of perpetual advancement.

This transition is more than a relocation; it's a strategic step toward greater community involvement and outreach.Culture, consistency, and the conjugate approach propels us forward. We aim to ensure that our actions always mirror the integrity and determination that Westside Barbell is known for.

We extend an open invitation to athletes, coaches, and community members to engage with the rich legacy of Westside Barbell via our social media outlets, email, and in-person visits. Our commitment is to continue building upon our historic achievements, strengthening the legacy that has become our foundation.

Louie Simmons, our founder, said it best: 'Westside Barbell is not just a location; it's a state of mind.'

With this mindset, we advance with purpose and an unwavering pursuit of strength training education.


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Tom Barry

Tom Barry

Tom Barry is a seasoned strength and conditioning coach with over 16 years of experience. He has honed his expertise by closely collaborating with elite athletes from various disciplines, including the NFL, UFC, Track and Field, Jiu-Jitsu, and Wrestling.

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