Articles on Strength Training

Articles on Strength Training

WSBB Blog: Tricep Focused M.E. Upper for Strength Athletes

Having trouble locking out heavy presses? Follow these tips to develop bigger, stronger triceps.

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Fri Jan 07, 2022

WSBB Blog: Fix Your Bench Weakness

Tags: Triceps, Back, GPP The bench press is one of the more complex powerlifting movements. It requires both a high level of strength, and a high level of precision to press max effort poundages safely and successfully. As you continue to train the bench press, you will eventually run into issues either with form, or with...

Fri Aug 13, 2021

WSBB Blog: Primary Accessory Exercises to Increase Pressing Power

Tags: Sled, Hockey, Speed-strength The bench press is one of the most difficult lifts to master for any lifter. Unless you are genetically blessed with the ability to press massive weight, you will have to intelligently structure your training to constantly address weaknesses to avoid sticking points or injuries. Whether...

Tue Jul 20, 2021

WSBB Blog: Overcoming Common Sticking Points in the Bench Press

Tags: Neck training, Grip, Goodmornings Time to read: 3 min   The bench press is one of the most complex exercises we perform as powerlifters. Many lifters go their entire lifting and training career without ever being able to find the cause of all of their bench press woes. Sometimes...

Fri Jun 25, 2021

WSBB Blog: Advanced Press Exercises

Tags: Bench Training, Accommodating Resistance, Avoiding Accommodation Time to Read: 3 min Whether you are a powerlifter, a strongman, or an Olympic weightlifter, every strength athlete can benefit from increased pressing strength. At some point during your lifting career, accommodation will begin to set in and gains will slow down....

Mon Apr 26, 2021

WSBB Blog: Bench Press Shirt for Beginners

Tags: Bench, Tips, Program Time to Read: 3min The equipped bench press is one of, if not the most technical lift amongst all of the powerlifts. To be one of the best, a lifter must possess great raw strength, technical ability, knowledge of the gear, and knowledge of self. The...

Tue Apr 13, 2021

Top Miss

FAQs "What are your best ME variants for top miss bench?" 1) Pin Press2) Floor Press3) Board PressThese variants are performed with T-Grip, Football, or Swiss bars to target more upper tricep. Also bands and chains are at times utilized.

Mon May 27, 2019

Bench Tools

When it comes to the bench, you can't afford to use the wrong weapon...-for bottom miss, the Cambered Bar-for top miss, the Football Bar & T-Grip Bar-for bench technique/endurance, the Bamboo Bar-for hypertrophy, the Freak Bar-for retesting/positioning/percentage work, the Texas Bench Bar Watch this for more understanding...

Fri May 10, 2019