General Physical Preparedness

Louie Simmons
Thu Oct 13, 2016

I am often asked, how do we recover from two max effort workouts a week on top of two high-volume speed days? The two max effort workouts are done at least 80% of the year. The remainder of the year, they are replaced by high-volume hypertrophy days aimed at increasing strength in lagging muscle groups.

A speed bench workout can account for 12,000 pounds, not counting special exercises. A squat speed day can be 10,000-12,000 pounds plus special exercises. One reason we use a three-week pendulum wave is for speed benching. We use a rotational system of change.

Exercises that accommodate resistance are changed every two or three weeks, i.e., bands, chains, weight releasers, or the lightened method. Close, wide, and medium grips are constantly interchanged, as well as the special exercise with barbells or dumbbells. The volume must fluctuate as well. We change the strength curve by using different board loading, and of course on max effort day, we constantly change the barbell lifts.

This enables us to break a record almost 100% of the time. Our lifters have the opportunity to set new standards each week whether using no gear, light gear, or our best and strongest gear.