Dr.Anatoliy Bondarchuk

Louie Simmons
Thu Oct 06, 2016

We all know that Dr. Bondarchuk was a great hammer thrower, a former World Record holder and also and Olympic Champion. His knowledge of sports has certainly surpassed his athletic supremacy.
His experience is not only limited to the hammer but also the shot put and discus which is evident by his work on the throws program from 1976 to 1992 which made it possible to produce many world and olympic champions.
He became a doctor of pedagogical science at the University of Kiev. Dr. Anatoliy Bondarchuk brought his great knowledge to the public with nearly 200 articles on throwing as well as 11 books. Of particular interest to me are three that come to mind. These books prove he has given back to the sport he came from.
There are thousands of coaches but just a few teachers and Dr. Bondarchuk is most certainly one of those few. In his book Champion School he outlines a multi year program for many sports. In the U.S.A everyone wants a short training cycle (8,12,16 weeks etc) but one must use a multi year system.
After all High School and College require there athletes to excel over a 4 year period. And of course the Olympics are contested every four years. Dr. Bondarchuk trained using a multi year cycle under the great Soviet sports coaches and sports scientists and he now passes all this knowledge on to Coaches and Athletes alike.
It covers all aspects of training from;
- Training Age
- The development of Speed of special types - Strength development
- Special Exercises for throwing
- Strategy of training and much much more
This is a MUST for your library. Dr. Bondarchuk also offers two books that everyone involved in perfecting sports should own, namely;
- Transfer Of Training In Sports
- Transfer Of Training In Sports Volume 2

It does no good to be strong in the wrong exercise, nor does it do any good to do certain
exercises at the wrong time. Dr. Bondarchuk discusses this and much more. As well as the concept of delayed transformation and all aspects of the development of speed and speed endurance.
All aspects of strength and special strengths are shown to build the foundation for advanced training. Dr. Bondarchuk completely explains the importance of training cycles through out a sports career.
Great Reading for all Coaches and Athletes to have in there ever growing Libraries.