About Us

Tom Barry
Mon Nov 06, 2017

What is Westside Barbell?

Westside Barbell, founded by world-renowned strength and powerlifting coach, trainer and author Louie Simmons, is more than a gym; it’s an honored hall filled with a select group of premier-level athletes who strive to push the very limits of their minds and bodies. An invitation-only training laboratory, the dedication of Louie and all generations of athletes, have created a lineage of powerlifters, champions, and even Olympians that few gyms could ever hope to match

In fact, the legends that have walked through our chalky doors have worked diligently to be the very best at what they do; feats that have broken more than 140 world records, brought home Olympic gold, and claimed world heavyweight championships.

Louie takes pride in the fact that Westside Barbell is far more than a gym. It’s a home built upon hard work, blood, sweat, and other peoples’ tears. It’s not for the weak; it’s not for the timid; and it’s not for those seeking fame.

It is, however, the place where powerlifters, athletes, and those who want the very best out of their bodies by educating themselves on highly-researched training and sound, practical application. In other words, those who value consistency, intelligence, and more than a little effort.

At Westside Barbell, you’ll find greatness in our methods and our athletes because we believe in more than just “lining up and lifting heavy.” We study, analyze, educate, and train athletes based on more than 30 years of real, firsthand experience.There are limitless accolades to be found within Westside Barbell, if that’s what you’re looking to find. You’ll see that we have 30 athletes who deadlift more than 800 lbs. We’re also the only gym in the world with two athletes over 2700-lb. total lifting records and one with the biggest total of all time with 3,010 lbs.

Louie has even had the immense opportunity to act as a strength consultant for numerous NFL and college football teams, train two Olympic gold-medal sprinters, and work side-by-side with the top professional strength coaches worldwide. And while these are all great experiences and boast-worthy achievements, nothing is more important and more worthwhile than mentoring and training athletes, helping them achieve their goals, and staying true to relentless hard work.