2021 Metal Milita Summer Smackdown

Louie Simmons
Thu Jul 22, 2021

Tags: Squat, Bench, Deadlift

Jeremy Smith blew up the 123 World Squat and Bench Records at the Smackdown meet in Erie Pa.
With first a 675 All-Time Squat Record then backed it up with the first to ever squat 700lbs at the 123 lbs. weight class coming in at 122lbs BWT. He was not done yet, on the bench he opened with 420lbs then 470lbs to set the new standard for the 123lbs weight class. 470lbs being a new All-Time World Record for the bench at that weight class. Not to be denied more history in the record books, Jeremy benched 500lbs as well making him the lightest man to squat not only 700lbs but the lightest man to ever bench 500lbs.
Heidi Howar lifting in the 148's made a strong 685lbs ATWR squat before getting turned down with a 700lb squat that came up easy. She added a 410lbs bench and a 520lbs deadlift for an ATWR total of 1615lbs.
With 6 ATWR set at the Summer Smackdown, it goes to show WESTSIDE LIVES ON!
- Louie Simmons.