Average Resistance Band
Average Resistance Band

Average Resistance Band

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The Westside Barbell Average Band is the next step up in resistance after the Light Band. An increase in width has been made to offer greater resistance. 

Note: There is a significant jump in tension from a Light to an Average band. Bands of this tension are normally used for Squats (Over 400lbs recommended) and Deadlifts (Over 500lbs recommended). They are also implemented as an aid for pull-ups and other exercises that require assistance over resistance. 

Bands offer a convenient means for accommodating resistance and have become a staple for our Dynamic Effort Movements. Depending on the tension level, bands build capacity within joints and help strengthen ligaments and tendons when utilized correctly.

Tension Level


  • Color: Green 
  • Length: 41”
  • Width: 1.75”
  • Thickness: 6.35mm

Learn More

Please click here to learn more about our bands, their uses, and the tension they can provide.

    Customer Reviews

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    Kevin Albert

    Average Resistance Band

    Paul James catha

    I was happy with the service i got the bands pretty quick .but about 6-12 months ago i couldnt use your website after using it multuple times in the last 20 years .so i called you every day for one week and it was always busy .then i wrote you a certified letter with my westside password and everything and my phone # and copies of reciepts from bands i had bought in the past and i gave u my email and i never heard any thing from you so i was very dissapointed thts when i lived in utah


    Very nice high quality bands from a very reputable company.


    Great product
    Good quality

    Tom Nunan
    Bands of Love

    Already, the edges of my eyes sting, the letters blur before me, as tears of gratitude pour forth after my latest transaction with Westside Barbell, the purchase of a pair of green resistance bands. Westside’s response was prompt, the packaging elegant, the delivery swift - and my heart surged like I was blasting out of the bottom of a squat and driving through heavy resistance at the top.
    How few people have known this kind of love . . . which for a typical garage gym guy lasts a few months . . . and then it’s time to hit the website, feel the tingle of anticipation, and lose yourself in the bliss once more.