Earthquake Bar
Earthquake Bar

    Earthquake Bar

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    • Product Type: Bar

    Patent No. 8,506,460

    Today's Earthquake Bar, the one being sold and used all over America by professional sports teams, college athletic programs, and powerlifters everywhere, is an ongoing story about the evolution of a truly remarkable training concept.

    What started out in 2006 as a collaborative effort between Lou and Jim Seitzer has evolved through five prototypes to become the incredibly strong, kinetic-energy dynamo that it is today. This unique, hand-made Bar weighing only 5.4 lbs, can routinely handle weights in excess of 200 lbs every day - all day long.

    And it does its job with the utmost precision: conducting and targeting kinetic energy to the shoulders, elbows, biceps and lower back to heal and strengthen stabilizing muscles and allow for healthy joint function.

    The composite resin center-section of the Bar was specially designed by engineers to be incredibly strong, yet efficient enough to conduct the healing energy generated by just a 10-pound weight. This makes the Earthquake Bar the most sophisticated rehab tool available for post-op surgery patients and newly-injured joint sufferers.

    But, for powerlifters and everyday workout enthusiasts, the benefits are simply amazing. The Bar literally bullet-proofs the joint by building maximum strength, balance, and, above all, flexibility like no other piece of equipment on earth. This makes it the number one ‘go-to’ apparatus for preventative injury training or prehab.

    And for strength training, you need to look no further than Westside Barbell for the latest cutting-edge ideas on how the Earthquake Bar can power up your Bench Press. Here, the Bar is an important part of everyone’s Bench training and has proven invaluable in building strong and healthy shoulders.

    It can hold up to 200 lbs.

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