Louie Simmons™ Signature Series

Louie's legendary knowledge, combined with Dynamic Fitness & Strength’s quarter century of design & manufacturing expertise produces the “perfect storm” of the highest quality and the most effective top-end strength equipment in the country and even the world. 

“Westside Barbell™ by Dynamic equipment is just like our education: It’s scientifically based and results proven! Our education and equipment truly bridges the gap between sports science and strength and conditioning. No other company or training system can say the same!”

–Louie Simmons™, Founder, Westside Barbell™

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Ultra Supreme Reverse Hyper™

On Sale $ 2,495.00 Regular price $ 2,795.00



$ 3,995.00


$ 3,995.00

2x3 Westside Iconic Series Rack

On Sale from $ 660.00 Regular price $ 700.00


2x2 Westside Iconic Series Rack

On Sale from $ 590.00 Regular price $ 635.00