WSBB Books - Bench Press Manual
WSBB Books - Bench Press Manual
WSBB Books - Bench Press Manual
WSBB Books - Bench Press Manual
WSBB Books - Bench Press Manual

WSBB Books - Bench Press Manual

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Over 70 pages on the most effective training methods and how to execute them. It covers all aspects of bench press training.

You will read about:

  • Sample workouts for each day
  • Bench press Technique
  • How to master a bench shirt
  • Training raw bench

This book contains all one needs to break your bench record. From how to cycle speed days to max effort days 72 hours later. There are many methods proven and tried from special exercises to how to use a bench shirt. Does it work? Westside has 5 different men with world record benches, 33 men that bench over 700lbs, 11 men that bench over 800lbs, 3 that bench over 900lbs, and 1 over 1000lbs.

-Louie Simmons

This book was printed in the U.S.A.



  • Cover: Paperback
  • Pages: 71
  • Weight: 0.26lbs
  • Level of Difficulty: Easy, Great for beginners who are trying to understand the bench press.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
A diamond in the rough!

I first heard the late John Meadows speak many times about Westside barbell. And it sounded like an amazing place. Then when I searched for their website I found these two books on squats and deadliftng and bench press. Wow! Great information. These guys rock!! And I ordered the original smelling salts! Wow!! Another gem!!

Dakoda Gayne
Great book

Absolutely fantastic explanations of bench pressing variations to improve your lift and sample workouts. That you can modify and make your own. Highly recommend 👌

Brandon CONLEY

WSBB Books - Bench Press Manual

Jarrod Fobes
Best Bench Press book out there.

This book provides a ton of information while leaving room to tailor the program to your needs.

stephan chrisp
Bench Press Manual

Very informative and dense publication despite short length, really everything one could possibly need to know about the subject here