• Debbie Abernathy Ellis

    I ordered a t shirt and thought for sure I ordered 2 x but when order came in and looked back at order it said small! How do I exchange the shirt? Thanks Debbie Ellis

  • Cyndi Kinnamon

    Hi guys! I just have a question. My husband got his ring finger on his dominate hand cut off at work and had to have revision surgery. The finger is gone down past the first knuckle. We go to a gym where we live daily and we both love to lift, especially deadlift:) Do you have any ideas or suggestions for my husband to be able to regain his strength and grip in that hand? I want him to be successful as he loves lifting very much and had just set a new PR on deadlift 4 days before this happened. Anything you guys have to say would be greatly appreciated as I’m fearing he’s down in the dumps a little over this. His surgeon is allowing him to work his upper body again as of Sept 3. Please help me help him.
    Thanks so much!

  • Anthony haga

    I was wondering if you had a ratio for reverse hypers to deadlift volume. I know I’m a podcast you mentioned the ration for squats if 4:1 thank you very much, I’m a huge fan.

  • Bill Wilharms

    Joe, I need to know your feelings on back squats for MS and HS athletes and if there are milestones that they should be able to do before you allow an athlete to do a loaded back squat? I have known Dave Tate since the early 90’s and have gotten to know you all down there as well as Laura from having Wes McCormick introduce me and bring me down to be a fly on the wall down there and I have sent emails to them as well. I am trying to gain as much reputable info on this subject because I am dealing with a physical therapist (Gary Gray and the Gray Institute) at one of the HS that I train athletes at that insists that no athlete should ever back squat because of the problems that may occur to them later down the road in their life. He is fine with Front Squat and he insists that the Hack Squat is much better especially for football athletes. Could you give me your thoughts on this as I have a meeting this week and I am at my wits end as a collegiate football player and then a competitive powerlifter I have always back squatted (really believe in the Box Squats) and feel that I am doing my athletes a disservice by not teaching them to squat properly and get the benefits from this exercise.
    Bill Wilharms
    Madison High School and Lenawee Christian High School
    Adrian MI 49221

  • Ryan Marrotta

    Is there any chance that The Scout – Reverse Hyper will be back in stock soon?

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