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WSBB Books - The Iron Samurai: The True Story of Westside Barbell
Staff Pick
WSBB Books - The Iron Samurai: The True Story of Westside Barbell

WSBB Books - The Iron Samurai: The True Story of Westside Barbell

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The Iron Samurai is the official biography of Louie Simmons and the true story behind Westside Barbell in Columbus Ohio.

This book is an unfiltered lens behind the curtain of Westside Barbell. It starts from Louie's childhood and he brings you on the journey he took that lead to the creation of Westside Barbell Columbus Ohio.

It is jammed back with insanely strong people and personalities, provides accurate historical events, and best of all, It is 100%, unedited, Louie Simmons.

The Author

The Iron Samurai is the alter ego of Louie Simmons, the founder of the Columbus Ohio Westside Barbell© Club, established in 1986. Louie’s members have broken more than 100 all-time world records in powerlifting.

The Iron Samurai has watched from the sidelines as Louie has acquired several decades of special strength training experience for many sports and as he has been a consultant for many collegiate and professional teams.

Louie Simmons is one of only four men to have made Elite totals in five weight classes and was top 10 from 1971 to 2005. Louie has authored nine books, 15 DVDs, more than 250 articles as well as being a current lecturer and he holds 13 United States patents. This is the Iron Samurai’s first and only book.


Unlimited Access Conjugate Club members have access to the Iron Samurai e-book included with their membership.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Awesome book , must read for any westside fan ☝🏼

Great book , lots of great Stories like listening to louies podcasts but in a book form ,


Thank You and will due my part to keep the greatness of Louie Simmons Alive!!!

Dalton Simmons
Best equipment ever

Exactly as expected and fast shipping

Josh Shook
Louie Simmons book

The book came ahead of schedule as always, book is awesome

Great Read

If you enjoy old lifting stories from great lifters, you won’t be disappointed. Entertaining, educational, & inspiring stories from the man himself!