Westside Downloadable Seminars - Jumping Progression
Westside Downloadable Seminars - Jumping Progression

Westside Downloadable Seminars - Jumping Progression

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"I am always trying to overcome the force of gravity with a barbell or jumping. Everyone knows about Westside squatters, but what about their jumping ability? How about a 63.5" box jump, backed up with a 63" and a 60".Jumping is the definition of explosive power- not Olympic lifting, which is a speed strength sport. Explosive power is performed at fast velocity. It is the ability to rapidly increase force (Tidow 1990). The steeper the increase of strength in time, the greater the explosive strength.

So how do you develop the explosive strength in the gym?

There are several parts to explosive strength development; first, let's look at speed squats and sumo deadlifts which begin this webinar. The squats are done in our three week pendulum wave. Week one, we work with 50% bar weight of our 1RM, 55% in week two, and 60% in week three. Then, we drop back to 50% and start the wave over.However, you must also use bands on the bar, with the weights. The band tension should be 25% at the top (because of band sinkage, add 10% to that in the bottom of the lift). The bands will force you down faster than just weight alone, causing an increase in the kinetic energy. This is the key to reversal strength.

The average set/ rep breakdown per workout is 8 sets of two. Immediately following, we then do 6 set of 2 for sumo- style deadlift. For the deadlift, we are also working with 50% bar weight of 1RM, adding bands with 30% tension at lockout (adding 10% in bottom). You will learn that not only will this build a strong finish, but also a strong start, as one must overcome the additional tension at lockout.For the squat wave, the bar weights range from 50-60% of a 1RM, and the top band tension is 25%. This addition turns 50% to 75%, 55% to 80%, and 60% to 85% at lockout. The data from 780 top European weightlifters performed by A.D. Ermakov and N.S. Atanasov show that 50% of the training for speed strength is trained at 75% to 85%. As you can see, this system is well planned, combining explosive strength in the bottom and speed strength at the top. The data chart can be found in Managing the Training of Weightlifters, by N.P. Laputin and V.G. Oleshko (copyright DCD Chanigas).

The next part is jumping itself, but against resistance so sign up and watch my Jumping Webinar to learn lots more"

In this Seminar Louie Simmons will clearly explain and show how to develop your General Jumping Ability for all sports.

  • Squat and Deadlift to build up Jumping ability
  • Sled Pulling
  • General Jumping Exercises
  • Special Machines and Exercises for Jumping
    • Inverse Leg Curl™
    • Belt Squat™
    • Reverse Hyper™
    • Static Dynamic Machine™-Never seen before until NOW!



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  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Paul Rice

    Westside Downloadable Seminars - Jumping Progression

    John Kernan
    Truly Great Jumps Training

    This dvd is one of the best for coaches to find the right exercises to help their athletes reach their best performances. As a college track & field coach, this was a great addition to my training plan!

    Kit Tomlinson
    Good information

    My lifts have typically been pretty slow off the ground. This seminar gave me a good idea on how and why to include jumping exercises into my workouts, which I am hoping will translate into better speed and explosion with my lifts.