WSBB Unruly Weight Sled
WSBB Unruly Weight Sled
WSBB Unruly Weight Sled
WSBB Unruly Weight Sled

WSBB Unruly Weight Sled

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The WSBB™ Unruly Sled is a raw steel American Made beast, coming in at just under 26lbs. The detachable weight horn is perfect for not only gym owners, but garage gym dwellers as well who battle spatial constraints.

At Westside Barbell, sled work is a staple from warm-up, cool down, and accessories in between.

Note this sled comes with: 1x bolt and nut to secure the weight horn in place

Straps Sold Separately

With it, one can perform a bevy of exercises from conditioning, to compound, and isolation movements.

Lower Body Session Activation Sled Protocol:

  • Sled Pull x3 Trips (60m down and back = 1 trip)
  • Reverse Sled Pull x2 Trips
  • Sled Pull Through x1 Trip

Upper Body Session Activation Sled Protocol:

  • Sled Chest Press x3 Trips (60m down and back = 1 trip)
  • Sled Row x2 Trips
  • Sled Upright Row x1 Trip
  • Sled Overhead Tricep Extension x1 Trip

**Only Ships within the USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Good Sled

It’s a piece of metal with a rod on it, what more can I say! All in all, it’s very well built and the raw steel is very appealing. It looks tough compared to a powdercoated sled. Why powdercoat something you drag on pavement anyway! Works great paired w/Spud straps. Note: the standard Spud shackle on the sled strap is too big for the hole on this sled—I used a snap link instead.

Simple, but effective.

I use this sled on uneven ground with roots and ruts and it doesn't get stuck. You can pull on any turf and the rugged looks means you won't worry about scuffs and dings. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to build serious strength and endurance.

Unruly weight sled

It's an awesome sled. We have 2 other sleds at my gym, they get no use now. Everyone waits for the WSS sled.