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Special Strength Training Manual for Coaches

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From one of the leading sports scientists in history comes this milestone and final monument to his brilliant and ground breaking career. The Coaches Manual is the most cutting edge and exhaustive work of it’s kind. In it contains all guidelines for the understanding and use of Special Strength Training, detailed description of two main groups of SST means, resistance and jump exercises, and the combined methods of their use:

  • Complex Method,
  • Stimulation Method,
  • Contrast Method,
  • Circuit Method, and
  • Strength Aerobic Method.

Elucidation of rationale of organizing Special Strength Training and it’s application within the Block Training System is handled in a very clear and concise approach. Further, the practical use of SST in acyclic, cyclic sports, as well as team and combat sports. Also included are the author’s own Ultra Mass program for bodybuilders and the most intelligent approach to the warm up.

A complete history of the author’s career and many contributions to the field are recounted. This book will prove to be the single most important tool in the arsenal of the best coaches around the world.

"I was asked to do a book review of the fine book. It was one of the greatest compliments I could have received. Before this book was totally finished Yuri died and his very accomplished daughter Natalia completed the book. The information in this book is unbelievable. It addresses all sports; of course he is renowned for his work on shock training. His methodologies are countless. He was awarded the highest title possible as a Ph.D. Habilitatus, the most superior scientific degree in Eastern Europe. While he used block training system for endurance sports his work and my long experience lead to the Westside system where strength makes, speed maxes, and hypertrophy work is performed together in a weekly plan. This book is a must for any library, for every coach and athlete alike. I will forever be indebted to this man."

-Louie Simmons

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