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E-Book of Facts and Fallacies of Fitness

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This book can help one become a competent personal trainer. Is ballistics dangerous? Is there a real need to warm-up? Should you hold your breath while exercising? Do squats damage your knees? Remember, as they say, a little knowledge is dangerous, and many internet geniuses don’t have that much known age, yet have a huge fan base.

You will learn that while cardio is pushed far more than strength and agility training, the simple fact is strength and agility is much more important. Without strength you have nothing. Having weak muscles and ligaments and tendons are why we have an epidemic of joint replacements. Too many people learn about strength training from body building magazines. There is a difference between just increasing hypertrophy for body building opposed to weightlifting or powerlifting.


Just when you think you have all the answers, Dr. Siff changes questions. Rowdy Roddy Piper would say this as a pro wrestler as he was kicking your ass. The same with Dr. Siff. Can electric stim produce great or a greater muscle contraction on your own? There are so many questions without answers that a must-read book is the Facts and Fallacies of Fitness. It covers fitness and special strength as well as why athletes from nations such as China and Jamaica as well as Kenya are so good at a special sporting event.

I am sure you will enjoy this book by my old colleague Dr. Mel Siff.


ISBN# 1-868-183-8

Sixth edition 2003 

310 pages 

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