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Best Mini Bands On The Market ...

There's a reason that multiple fitness personalities - with no allegiance to Westside Barbell - use and promote these mini bands: They're the best out there. Pretty simple.

WSBB Chaos Hooded Sweatshirt - Orange Graphic

purchases from westside

The quality of the clothing is great and the service is also.


Thank you


For the longest time I’ve wanted some clothing & finally got it! Made it’s way to Canada real quick, super happy customer & now my little one as an awesome
Nitro puppy tee

Always the best

Bought coffee as a treat. Same great product as anything I’ve ever purchased from westside. Normal people give normal results. Westside is normal

Awesome Book

I purchased "The Book of Methods", "Squat and Deadlift Manual", and "Bench Press Manual". It was a great deal for purchasing the combo. I would recommend reading the "Book of Methods" first, then use the manuals to put it together. These are not read once and leave books. They're reference books. I keep them in my gym and refer to them whenever I have something that I need to clarify, or need a refresher. The blog posts on Westside are a great resource as well. I read the blog on a regular basis. It helps with programming. I would say that reading the blog is the how, the "Book of Methods" is the why.

Personal Training and Athletic Coaching Certificate

WSB t-shirts

Love my t-shirts from WSB! Always feel great right out of the package and even after the 100rth wash!


These bands are amazing. My son and I both use them

Excellent bands

Getting stronger period

WSBB Books - Squat and Deadlift Manual

Best equipment ever

Exactly as expected and fast shipping

WSBB Mens Tank Top
Aaron Thurman

WSBB Mens Tank Top


I can not put into words how much I appreciate Westside barbell. They are always so helpful and kind. I needed help ordering something for my husband and they sure was there. So nice to know that there are still people out there that are kind and helpful. Usually people think lifters are not so nice but not so with Westside barbell but when lifting they are determined… I ordered shirts and shorts and a band Great quality and love the logo. Our nephew trained there a few times and said he really learned a lot and Super group of guys . Anyway Thanks and keep doing what your doing. Sincerely, Mary R.

Perfect video

This video is perfect for instructing high school athletes on explosive training and how to perform movements. Excellent product and customer service is top notch.

Awesome quality banners!

My basement is starting to feel like Westside Barbell


Saw this shirt a while back and had to have it. Finally pulled the trigger and I'm so pleased.

Perfect straps

Love these things, use them for warmup, and banded workouts.

WSBB Mens Chaos T-Shirt
Carlos Sanchez Jr

WSBB Mens Chaos T-Shirt

Great products

Fast shipping, great quality


Louie never failed to put quality recommendations out there for research and science. Loving the book. Fast shipping.

WSBB Mens Camouflage T-shirt
Quentin Edwards Guerrero

Hell yea

Great hat!

Looks and feels great to wear, really comfortable and sits perfect on the head. I’m a real stickler for hats, as most don’t really fit me the greatest, but this hat is perfect!