The Rule of Three™ Certificate
The Rule of Three™ Certificate
The Rule of Three™ Certificate

The Rule of Three™ Certificate

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Welcome to the Rule of Three™ certificate examination.

This home study course was created to help those coaching youth athletes to have a firm and optimal understanding of how to implement a successful and safe training protocol for youth athletes via general preparation means at very affordable price. 

This exam is 1 hour long and consists of 25 questions. It comes with over $230 worth of study material, is available worldwide to ship.

*no prerequisites required in order to take this course

Exam content consists of 

  1. Rule Of Three (Louie Simmons)
  2. Special Strength Development for all Sports (Louie Simmons)
  3. Explosive Power and jumping ability for all sports (Tadeusz Starzynski and Henryk Sozanski)
  4. Explosive Strength Development for Jumping including dvd (Louie Simmons)
  5. Olympic Weightlifting Strength Manual (Louie Simmons)
  6. Children & Sports Training (Jozef Drabik) 




This package will allow for you to take the Certificate Exam on this site within a six month period. The exam entry expires after six months at which time you would have to renew it to be able to take the exam more times. The exam consists of 100 questions which need to be answered with at least 70% correct answers for you to pass the exam.

The Exam is time limited - you can only take it with 4 months in between exams in case you fail! If you start the exam, it will be counted as one attempt and even if you quit before finishing, you will have to wait for four months until you can take the exam again.

When you start the exam, you will have 4 hours to complete it - this gives you more than enough time to answer all questions. When you have finished the exam and submitted it, it will be corrected by Westside Barbell staff and you will receive the certificate, if you pass, by mail.

If you fail to finish the exam within 4 hours, it will be submitted automatically and answers you have entered will be saved.


  1. Rule of Three
    Louie Simmons
  2. Special Strength Development for all Sports
    Louie Simmons
  3. Explosive Power and Jumping Ability for all Sports
    Tadeusz Starzynski and Henryk Sozanski
  4. Explosive Strength Development for Jumping (including dvd)
    Louie Simmons
  5. Olympic Weightlifting Strength Manual
    Louie Simmons
  6. Children & Sports Training
    Jozef Drabik


“If you run with the lame you will develop a limp.”

- Louie Simmons

Learn From Louie

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I ordered this as a gift for my husband, not realizing they put it in my name. I emailed to explain and have this enrolled towards my husband a handful of times and I was told it was being looked into and then never heard back again. I basically threw my money away. Definitely contact them before purchasing if someone else is paying or you intend to purchase for someone else, or you'll run into problems.

Zach Sexton
Recent Purchase

This was just another great purchase to add to the many I've made before. The material is always the best out there and the process is solid. I've had to make changes in past orders of my address or have something adjusted and the team there has always been quick and easy to deal with. Have nothing but positives to say.

James Cook

Solid work Westside

Steve Farrell
Great course, great service

Earlier this year I enquired about the rule of 3 certificate after listening to the westside barbell podcast. So far I'm loving the reading, really looking forward to getting deeper into the course.

Kevin Shepard

The Rule of Three™ Certificate