New Arrival
WSBB Books - The Conjugate Method
WSBB Books - The Conjugate Method
WSBB Books - The Conjugate Method
WSBB Books - The Conjugate Method
WSBB Books - The Conjugate Method
WSBB Books - The Conjugate Method
New Arrival
WSBB Books - The Conjugate Method

WSBB Books - The Conjugate Method

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This paperback book is the perfect entry point into all of Louie's writings. It gives a more simplistic overview of how he used and enhanced the conjugate method of strength training. It also answers Louie's three most asked questions about this method and its utilization.

  1. How did he adapt the Conjugate Method to his athlete's training? 
  2. What type of strength should you train, and when should you do it? 
  3. Does this training system work for Football, Track and Field, Combat Sports, and Raw Powerlifting?

For those new to Westside Barbell, this paperback book will provide more foundational information that may help when reading other strength training books by Louie Simmons.


  • Training Guide / Instructional Book
  • Author: Louie Simmons
  • Publication Date: 03/22/2022
  • Pages: 115
  • Paperback Book
  • Publisher: Westside4Athletes

**Also available in e-book format here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Stephen Lewis
The same - but easier

The Book of Methods is collected writing - very useful, but you almost need to make and revise a flow-sheet to see how an individual topic is explained and revised across the book.
This is lots more linear, and much easier to follow, though it doesn’t have the depth of explanation that the book of methods contains

Daniel Gray
The Conjugate Method

All the books I’ve gotten from Westside so far continue to be some of the best sources for true strength and conditioning that I have read. Can’t wait to get more and learn more.

Gavin Buenviaje
Review of the Conjugate Method

An outstanding book! Informative content and provides a solid foundation for understanding the conjugate method. However, there are a few errors in terms of spelling and grammar. There are also a few sections where the content isn’t worded in the most appropriate way for proper understanding.

Nobie Thrasher
Product order

Got my Conjugate book. Very fast. Westside Rules

Allon Health and Wellness
Great introduction to the Conjugate Method

This book is a helpful explanation of the how's and why's of the Conjugate Method. I have been considering the WestSide Barbell Conjugate Method certification and thought this would be a good entry into the method. I am inspired to continue learning and doing the deeper dive. As a personal trainer and powerlifter I use the Conjugate Method in my own training. My goal is to be able to understand and use the method, not only for myself but for my personal training clients as well. Thank you!!