WSBB Bundles - The Louie Simmons Book Bundle
WSBB Bundles - The Louie Simmons Book Bundle

WSBB Bundles - The Louie Simmons Book Bundle

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All of Louie Simmon's publications are bundled together for you at a heavily discounted rate! 

What Do You Get?

  1. Special Strengths Development For All Sports
  2. Book of Methods
  3. Olympic Weightlifting Strength Manual
  4. Explosive Strength Development for Jumping
  5. Bench Press Manual
  6. Strength Manual For Running
  7. Squat and Deadlift Manual
  8. The Iron Samurai
  9. Throwers Guide to Strength Training
  10. The Rule of Three


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 138 reviews
    Brian Nelson
    Great Value

    I purchased the Louie Simmons Book Bundle and it is a great value. To be able to pick up so many of Louie's writings and own some important pieces of strength training history at this price was a no-brainer

    Ethan Robertson
    Outstanding Excellent Team Support!

    These books are loaded with information!
    My original order of the- Louie Simmons Book Bundle- was lost or destroyed in transit, with only one book surviving the trip. The Support Team and Tom immediately shipped a new set of books, which I recieved the following day! THANK YOU ALL!!!

    Matt Rock
    All the books

    I haven’t had much time to dive into them yet. Ive started with the book of methods. It’s a good read so far.

    Trevor Ince

    I’ve learned more from my short time with these books than I have from years of talking to naive gym bros. Worth every cent and then some. Thank you Louie for spreading the knowledge, I’m grateful.

    Russell DARROW

    WSBB Bundles - The Louie Simmons Book Bundle