The Complete Louie Simmons E-Book Bundle
The Complete Louie Simmons E-Book Bundle

The Complete Louie Simmons E-Book Bundle

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All of Louie Simmons E-Books delivered to you instantly for a crazy low price!


What do you get?

  1. Special Strengths Development For All Sports (E-Book)
  2. Book of Methods (E-Book)
  3. Olympic Weightlifting Strength Manual (E-Book)
  4. Explosive Strength Development for Jumping (E-Book)
  5. Bench Press Manual (E-Book)
  6. Strength Manual For Running (E-Book)
  7. Squat and Deadlift Manual (E-Book)

*Note no refunds available for E-Books or downloadable material. Must be downloaded via a computer.

Customer Reviews

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5 stars

Order completely swiftly and excellent product quality.

Decades of Solid Science

I wasn't sure what to think of Louie and Westside because there's so much conflicting information and opinions to be found I decided to avoid ego battles and go straight to the source to judge for myself. Reading through Louie's books, reviewing the data and testing the methods for myself I can honestly say that there's decades of solid science behind everything in here; and it works (injuries from various sports I've had for years are finally healing, along with many strength and stability gains!). It works for powerlifting (obviously), it works for football, running and probably every other sport available because it's based on the biomechanics and physiology of how the human body works. Our bodies are highly complex, varied, and non-linear biological systems, not simple mechanical machines, so linear progression doesn't work for very long before something different is needed to keep improving. Louie Simmons' life work has been discovering how to continuously improve human physical performance. If you (or your athletes) want to improve, reading and using what's in these books could save you years of struggle. Highly recommended.