WSBB eBooks - The Rule of Three
WSBB eBooks - The Rule of Three

WSBB eBooks - The Rule of Three

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The Rule of Three is a term coaches in the former Soviet Union used for the general physical preparedness (GPP) training for boys and girls from seven to 10. To successfully participate in sports today, it is extremely important for all children in this age group to develop coordination, flexibility, general strength, endurance, hand, and eye coordination, and the ability to perform athletic feats.

This book begins with brief discussions about training boys versus girls and the role of genetics and heredity but quickly moves on to address training for flexibility, endurance, and physical fitness. The first skill to consider is jumping ability. Jumping is a basic test of explosive power. The higher one can jump with body weight, the more explosive one is.

Explosive strength is the ability to rapidly increase force. This means the steeper the increase of strength in time, the greater the explosive strength (Tidow, 1990). There are alternative methods to develop all special strengths for children aged seven to 10 years old. The strength chapter will show how to build general strength without loading the spine.

Throughout The Rule of Three, three points you’ll see stressed again and again are 1) the importance of a quality coach in the athlete’s success, 2) the prominent role of an athletic training plan, and 3) the child must be happy, enthusiastic and not overtrained.


  • Cover: Online
  • Pages: 101
  • Level of Difficulty: Easy, Great for anyone wanting to learn how to train younger athletes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Chris Windbigler
Definitely worth the read

Since i was looking into the rule of 3 certification i figured i would at least read the book first and it was worth. Alot of down to earth stuff in their that most trainers forget or never knew.

Paul Kibler
Order made easy

I have been dealing with Westside for many years and I am never disappointed. Thank you for what you do.

Malek Baker

Great way to gain an understanding on training 3-12 year olds. Many facts and proof that it’s perfectly safe and very healthy for them. Great price for the information in this book. A must have for any parent or junior league coach. This can also help with teens who are untrained. I would suggest this book if you are looking at doing the Rule of Three certification which I believe is a must have cert for any parent or coach.