WSBB 1947 - Never Collection T-shirt - Grey
WSBB 1947 - Never Collection T-shirt - Grey
WSBB 1947 - Never Collection T-shirt - Grey

WSBB 1947 - Never Collection T-shirt - Grey

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Our 1947 - Never T-shirt collection took inspiration from our founder Louie Simmons, one of the most influential strength and conditioning coaches ever. 

Louie had many iconic tattoos, but the one that stood out the most was a gravestone that had the following text etched into it:

'Louie Simmons 
Born: 1947
Died: Never'

He knew that Westside Barbell, its culture, education, and the system of training that put many influential coaches and athletes on the map would never die. Louie's methods live on through the legacy and instruction he left behind for those closest to him to preach. 

The Logo:

The logo is designed around Louie's hand, making the Westside Barbell twisted fingers W sign. If you look closely, the hand palm illustration depicts his initials L and S. Below is the date that never expires. 1947-Never is an expression stating Westside and Louie will live forever through its teachings and followers. 


  • Casual
  • Between sizes? Move up a size for a loose fit or move down a size for an athletic fit


  • 60% Cotton
  • 40% Polyester 
  • T-shirt Color = Grey
  • Print Color = Black


  • 1947 - Logo on front left chest
  • Original Nitro Rear logo on the back

Customer Reviews

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Great shirt material. Great sizing.

Christina Guzman

WSBB 1947 - Never Collection T-shirt - Grey


Great quality workout shirts

Best Gift

My boyfriend has been a long time fan of Westside and their history/videos for a long time as he engages in powerlifting as a hobby/exercise. He has always been hesitant to purchase the original design given the philosophy that only official club members get to wear the official logo, but this was a beyond happy medium since it allowed him to also nod to Louie Simmons and his legacy. Grateful to have been able to purchase as a surprise and it’s his go-to lifting shirt now. Fast shipping, simple purchasing software, extremely satisfied boyfriend. 10/10 experience.