This for That

Westside Barbell
Fri Mar 29, 2019

Gotta know your tools.
The Conjugate system relies on a constant rotation of stimulus (bars/accommodating resistance) in oder to avoid plateaus. We've received questions on what the basic bars we utilize most are, and why, so here you are:

Football Bar: Weak Lockout (triceps)
T-Bar: Weak Lockout (triceps)
Arch Bar: Weak Lockout/Upper Back
Bow Bar: Aids in Position (tension throughout the press)
2.5" Cambered Bar: Weak Bottom (delts/pecs)
5" Cambered Bar: Very Weak Bottom (delts/pecs)
Freak Bar: Works Every Angle
Bamboo Bar: Weak Bottom (teaches lat engagement)
Cambered Bamboo Bar: Very Weak Bottom
Giant EZ Bar: Weak Lockout (triceps)