Heavy Legs

Westside Barbell
Mon Jun 17, 2019

Bow Bar Box Squat 1RM
-1 chain per side (per 100lbs of straight bar 1RM)
-front bands (attached at a 45º angle)
-parallel box (2" below if raw competitor)

Bow Bar Box Squat 2x6
-same set-up as the 1RM
-stance 2 foot widths closer if failed once off the box
-stance 1 foot width wider if failed on the box

Reverse Hyper 4x30@40%
-% of 1RM straight bar back squat
-glute/lower erector emphasis
-the rep count DOES NOT start until a burn in the glutes is achieved

Sled Pull x4 Trips
-1 Trip = 30yds down AND back (~60yds total)
-holding straps between legs
-frog stance width
-keeping the torso parallel to ground and back arched

Weighted Russian Twist 4x20(each side)
-performed off a GHD