Why Choose Westside Barbell

Tom Barry
Thu Dec 05, 2019

There is only one reason to buy Westside gear. Those who know, know. If you don't, we will circle back towards in a little bit then end to provide enlightenment. First, let us dive into the monotone, technical details of our products.


The Products

Indeed, the fit is essential, and we try to find the best fitting clothing available. Quality and wear are primary factors in our clothing line, as well. It should feel great out of the box and still feel great fifty washes later. And of course, we stand behind everything we sell.

Frankly, this is old news, and everyone expects those benchmarks as a fundamental standard about any piece of clothing, product, or merchandise that they might purchase. So what is the true value?


The Brand

The value of owning Westside gear is vast because we stand for something.

Hard work, sacrifice, commitment, and achievement are the foundations laid by Louie Simmons. Just like farmers, fabricators, builders, and all other nuances of our blue-collar brothers and sisters, we bust our ass daily for tangible results.

Our Nitro logo is an icon for our strength cultivation, and it symbolizes the most profound depths to which we are willing to push the boundaries on so it can turn our biggest weakness into our most valuable teacher.

Because Weak Things Break and we can not afford that. We rely on strength to succeed, to provide, and for some, to survive.

Therefore, Westside Barbell is not just a geographical location. It is not a t-shirt, it is not a product. It is a state of mind. And that is what you are representing when you purchase from us.