Westside Barbell
Thu Jan 17, 2019

Heading into the new year and new week with some strongman training for y’all we do on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s with the @iamtheimmortal War Wagon Barrow.

This extra session is particularly relevant for those looking to better their deadlift.

1️⃣War Wagon x3 Trips
🔸fat handles
🔸1 trip = 60m down and back (120m total)
🔸holding shrug as long as possible
🔸pushing wheelbarrow forward
🔸70% 1RM deadlift(as much weight as possible on the handles)

2️⃣War Wagon x3 Trips
🔸fat handles
🔸pulling barrow in ‘rickshaw’ fashion
🔸same weight

3️⃣Reverse Hyper 4x60
🔸40%1RM deadlift
🔸glute emphasis

3️⃣Hip/Ab Machine 5x12
🔸weighted hanging leg lift is a good sub out if your gym doesn’t have this piece