Westside Barbell
Thu Jan 24, 2019

Here’s a dynamic upper session we did a while back. It is targeted toward those whom miss at the top of the bench(lockout). 1️⃣Dynamic Bench 9x3@50% 1RM
🔸football bar
🔸3x3 close grip
🔸3x3 moderate grip
🔸3x3 wide grip
🔸50% does NOT encompass the accommodating resistance (chains/bands)

2️⃣DB Floor Press x10, 20, 30, 40, 50
🔸keep arms at 45°

3️⃣Lying Bamboo Bar Skullcrusher 4x8
🔸bring bar above hairline to avoid unneeded pressure to the elbow joint

4️⃣Overhead Sled Tricep Extension x5 Trips
🔸1 trip = 60m down and back (120m total)
🔸keep constant tension in the strap(s)