Thick Chest

by Westside Barbell on February 01, 2019
1️⃣Dynamic Bench 9x3
🔸Bow Bar
🔸3x3 close
🔸3x3 moderate
🔸3x3 wide grip
🔸bands or chains

2️⃣Bamboo Bar Bench 4x20
🔸1st set bench grip
🔸2nd set 1 finger width in
🔸3rd set 2 finger widths in
🔸4th set 3 finger widths in

3️⃣30° Incline DB Williams Ext. 5x25
🔸touching high on clavicle
🔸keeping elbows flared out

4️⃣Straight Bar Pause Upright Row 6x10
🔸moderate grip
🔸lead with elbows
5️⃣DB Lateral Raise x20

6️⃣Banded Face Pull x350 total
🔸40-70 each set
🔸deep burn +3-5reps