Strong Chain

Westside Barbell
Sat Feb 16, 2019

Max Effort Lower🔶

Heading into this Monday by taking a page from our Strongman brethren, with a Westside twist.

1️⃣Axle Bar Deadlift w/Chain 1RM
🔸frog stance (between sumo and conventional, akin to a strongman deadlift stance)
🔸1 chain(if pulling 200-300lbs)
🔸2 chain(if pulling 300-400lbs)
🔸3 chain(if pulling 400-500lbs)etc.

2️⃣Axle Bar Deadlift w/Chain 3x4
🔸reset reps
🔸same setup as above

3️⃣Reverse Hyper x20, 30, 40
🔸weight carriage fully loaded
🔸lower erector/glutes emphasis

4️⃣Lying Banded Hamstring Curl 4x50
🔸lying on belly(on a bench)

5️⃣Lying Straight Leg Weighted Abs 4x10
🔸keep lower back tight by not releasing lower abs