Punch Through

Westside Barbell
Thu Dec 27, 2018

If lockout is something you’re lagging, don’t be hesitant to switch up angles.
Remember, rotating the stimulus is one of the major keys to the conjugate system.

1️⃣Concentric Straight Bar Incline Press 1RM
🔸bench grip
🔸ROM should only be ~6” from the pin to the lockout

2️⃣Concentric Straight Bar Incline Press 3x3
🔸shoulder width grip
🔸1-1000 pause on pin
🔸same pin height as used for the 1RM

3️⃣Bamboo Bar Bench 3x6
🔸bench grip

4️⃣DB Williams Extensions 4x8
🔸keeping elbows flared
🔸if able, do these on an incline as well

5️⃣Seated Low Row 3x10
🔸elbows high
🔸touching low sternum