Max Effort Upper Week 21 Day 2

Louie Simmons
Tue Jun 26, 2018

Max Effort Upper Week 21 Day 2

Warm up

DB ext 

Band pull aparts

Do a few reps with the bar to get familiar with it, do a few warm up sets until you are ready to engage in the max effort movement.

The Lift - Pin press 9inches off the chest    

As with the Lower body Max Effort, after you have warmed up take no more than 7 working sets to hit a new 1rm.

If you know your max then you should only do 3 lifts above 90% and the third one should be a new PR. If you don’t then go till you hit something that’s as heavy as you can safely lift but don’t get greedy and fail. If you are unsure leave it where it stands and get a new record next time.  

Try and separate the bar when starting the life. This will get the triceps to fire all the way through the lift


DB seated overhead press 4x6

DB flys 4x10

Cable side raises 3x15

Weighted sit ups 3xmax